American Bully dog breed, puppy info

American Bully Dog Breed
American Bully Dog Breed
American Bully Dog Breed

American Bully

This is a medium sized dog with great athletic ability. These dogs are often mistaken as Pit Bulls because of their similar appearance. People may find them intimidating due to their physical characteristics, but American Bully dogs are usually not aggressive.

This dog breed has been evolved from careful and selective breeding of several bull breeds in order to develop a devoted dog with stable temperament and powerful build.

The new breed was developed during mid 1990s by combining favorable traits of UKC American Pit Bull Terrier and AKC American Staffordshire Terrier dogs.

Physical Appearance

These dogs are characterized by solid, athletic build and massive strength. Male American Bullies tend to be heavier boned as compared to their female counterparts. These stocky dogs have medium length head, broad skull and pronounced cheek muscles.

Eyes are round to oval in shape. They are set wide apart and come in all colors except albinism. Jaws are well defined. Neck is heavy, slightly arched with no looseness of skin and back is fairly short. Legs are straight, muscular and strong boned.

Color: These dogs are come in a variety of colors and color combinations.
Height: These dogs are generally 18 to 21 inches in height. Bitches tend to be a bit smaller, that is, 17 to 20 inches.
Weight: Both male as well as female American Bully dogs are mostly 25 to 45 pounds in weight.

Health Problems

These dogs are usually healthy. Moreover, they have a high pain threshold.
Life Expectancy: Life span is about 10 to 14 years, on an average.
Litter Size: 4-8

Grooming Requirements

The short, smooth and sleek hair coat of an the dog is easy to take care of. It simply needs to be brushed regularly with a firm bristle brush to maintain in perfect condition. The dog need not be bathed too frequently. You can rub the hair coat with chamois or a damp wash cloth to keep it glossy.

Other grooming responsibilities include trimming the toenails, checking and cleaning eyes and ears, brushing teeth and so on. This dog breeds shed the hair coat moderately.

American Bully Temperament

Dog temperament is pleasant, amiable, outgoing, loyal, gentle, reliable, courageous and protective. These confident and obedient dogs are highly trainable.

These versatile dogs have the ability to excel in a numerous tasks. In addition, American Bully puppies should be socialized right from the beginning to avoid problem behaviors.

They make outstanding family pets and great guard dogs. In fact, they can fight to death in order to protect their owners. These dogs are gentle and tolerant with kids. Your will find your beloved dog to be more than willing to please you at all times.

American Bully Pros and Cons

These agile dogs require plenty of exercise to remain physically fit. Therefore, they need to be taken for long daily brisk walks.

Moreover, these dogs are more comfortable in warm climates. As long as their activity needs are fulfilled, these dogs do well in apartment situation even without a yard, because they are quite active indoors.

They are best matched with calm, confident and consistent dog owners who are capable of understanding natural instincts of dogs. New breed clubs like American Bully Breed Association (ABBA), American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) and European Bully Kennel Club (EBKC) are specifically dedicated to American Bully dogs.

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