American Hairless Terrier dog breed, puppy info

American Hairless Terrier Dog Breed
American Hairless Terrier Dog Breed
American Hairless Terrier Dog Breed


American Hairless Terrier dogs are playful and fun loving small to medium sized terrier dogs. As the name itself suggests, these dogs are characterized by hairlessness. That is, except for whiskers and eyebrows, these dogs do not have hair on the head, feet and tail. Therefore, they are considered good for individuals suffering from dog allergies.

The breed originated in 1972 in Louisiana, United States when a completely hairless female puppy appeared in a litter of Rat Terriers. The owners bred her further to produce more hairless dogs so as to maintain the hairless trait as well Rat Terrier temperament. These dogs (hairless dog breeds) are often confused with hairless Chihuahua dogs because of similar appearance.

Physical Appearance

Appearance wise, this dog breed is quite similar to Rat Terrier. Characterized by a well muscled and compact build, these dogs are quite active and agile. The medium-sized, round eyes are set obliquely. They are somewhat prominent but not bulgy. The V-shaped ears are carried erect when the dog is alert. The tail is generally full length.

Size and color

Color: These puppies are born with a soft “down” that tends to reduce and diminish completely by the time the puppy becomes six weeks old. The skin is usually pink with gray, black, golden or red spots.
Height: The average height of this dog breed ranges between 7 to 16 inches.
Weight: Both male as well as female breeds usually weigh about 5 to 16 pounds.

American Hairless Terrier Health Problems

More often than not, these do not have any of the major skin problems that are commonly seen in other hairless dogs. Nonetheless, they do are prone to allergies, but not grass allergies. Besides, American Hairless Terrier dogs are also prone to Pimples and Sunburn.

Life Expectancy: The average American Hairless Terrier life expectancy is generally 14 to 16 years.
Litter Size: the litter size is usually about 6 puppies.

American Hairless Terrier Grooming Requirements

Grooming of this breed obviously does not require maintenance of the hair coat. However, the dog’s skin needs special care and attention. Bathe your beloved dog about one to three times in a week. Further, apply lotion on the dog’s skin in case it becomes excessively dry.

These dogs are quite prone to scratches, cuts and skin rashes because of lack of protective hair coat. Therefore, use antiseptic agents to heal such wounds. Moreover, take adequate steps to avoid sunburn. Absence of hair coat reduces issues related to shedding and flea problems.

American Hairless Terrier Temperament

Temperament of this dog breed can be described as loyal, lively, intelligent, inquisitive, playful, bold, affectionate and outgoing. Nonetheless, driven by their natural terrier instincts, these dogs can exhibit territorial behavior at times.

These dogs are always busy finding ways to please their owners and hence are easy to train. Early socialization and proper training help to avoid a wide variety of behavioral problems in these dogs. They are generally friendly with children and get along well with other pets in the house. The alert American Hairless Terrier breed dogs make for excellent watchdogs.

Pros and Cons

The energetic American Hairless Terrier dogs love play and go for daily long walks. In fact, they thoroughly enjoy interactive games. However, they are usually not good at swimming. American Hairless Terrier dogs are fairly active indoors and require space in at least a small to medium sized yard to fulfill their activity needs.

About half an hour of physical exercise on a regular basis should be sufficient to keep them physically fit. As these dogs do not have a good hair coat, they should be made to wear sweaters during the winter season. American Hairless Terrier dogs usually do well in apartment situation, provided they are sufficiently exercised.

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