Biewer Terrier dog breed, puppy info

Biewer Terrier

Biewer Terrier dog breed is a beautiful toy terrier that is considered rare outside its native country Germany. The name is pronounced Bee-vair

Biewer Terrier
Biewer Terrier

Biewer Terrier Dog Origin and Other Names

The breed was originally created in 1984 from breeding of two Yorkshire Terriers which produced a piebald Yorkie in the litter due to recessive piebald gene.

Its owners Werner and Gertrude named the puppy Scneeflocken von Friedheck. Attracted by the beauty of this new puppy, they started selective breeding program to develop more such dogs, ultimately creating the Biewer breed.

So, this is a distinct dog breed, not merely a tri colored Yorkshire Terrier. Certain other names for these dogs are “Biewer Terrier“, “Biewer Yorkie“, “Biewer Yorkie Terrier“, “Biewer Yorkshire” or “Biewer a’la Pom Pon” for fun.

Physical Appearance

These cute little dogs have well proportioned, compact and powerful build. Head is rather small and flat. The medium sized eyes are dark in color and bear sharp, intelligent expression.

Ears are small and carried erect. Hair coat is long enough to reach the ground. It is straight, shiny and has no undercoat.

Color: Hair coat is rather white or blue-white broken or closely blue absolute or black on the trunk and head piece with no brown coloring. Coat on chest, underbelly and legs is pure white. Head features symmetrically colored white, blue and gold.
Height: These dogs usually grow to about 8.5 inches or more.
Weight: Average weight of Biewer dog breed is 7 pounds. Weight should be proportional with height.

Biewer Terrier Dog Health Problems

These dogs are susceptible to stomach problems because of sensitive stomach. Nonetheless, this can be avoided by managing the dog’s diet and feeding him/her high quality food.

Life Expectancy: Average Biewer life span ranges is about 12 to 15 years.
Litter Size: 2 to 5 puppies

Biewer Dog Grooming Requirements

These long haired dogs need extensive grooming. To avoid the inconvenience of maintaining the hair coat, owners usually prefer to keep their furry companions in ‘perpetual puppy cut’. Hair coat should be combed with wire comb at least once in a week.

In addition, the grooming calls for frequent bathing, that is, every 2-3 weeks. Hair around ears need to be trimmed every few weeks to keep them erect and avoid ear infections.

The ones used for show purposes require more grooming to maintain their impressive floor length hair coat in shiny and healthy condition.

Biewer Terrier Dog Temperament

These dogs are active, clever, courageous, faithful, lively and alert. These dogs are naturally wary of strangers and hence make good watchdogs.

Besides, these highly affectionate dogs are considered as outstanding family pets. Because of their small size, though, Biewers are more suitable for families with older children rather than smaller kids.

Watch this interesting video showing a cute Biewer Terrier puppy having fun indoors.

These dogs learn quickly and hence are easy to train in spite of their occasional stubborn behavior. You will have to be gentle but firm while training and establish an air of authority over the dog so that the dog does not become yappy and overprotective. The dog can be difficult to housetrain.

You will find that your sweet, petite doggy to be oblivious to his toy size. Thus, he/she is not likely to hesitate even a bit while confronting a larger dog. In general, the dog is likely to get along well with other pets in the house, even cats.

Pros and Cons

These highly energetic dogs enjoy playing indoors as well as outdoors. They love the ritual of daily walks. If possible, let your dog play and roam free in a large, safely fenced open area once in a while.

These dogs do well in apartment situation even without a yard as long as their activity needs are fulfilled as they are fairly active indoors.

Biewer Terrier dogs cannot withstand extremely cold weather, so they should not be kept in cold climates.

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