King Shepherd dog breed, puppy info and characteristics

King Shepherd dog breed

King Shepherd dog breed is a massive, courageous and self confident dog that loves being engaged in strenuous activities. The breed was created by American dog breeders Shelly Watts-Cross, and David Turkheimer in 1990s. Earlier, the breed was developed by selective breeding of specific bloodlines of German Shepherd dogs.

King Shepherd dog breed
King Shepherd dog breed

King Shepherd Dog Breed Origin

Although there are various views regarding the different dog breeds used to develop King Shepherds, it is believed that these dogs were developed using American and European German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute and Great Pyrenees dogs. These dogs are good at tasks like herding, search and rescue, police work, agility and obedience.

Physical Appearance

King Shepherd dog breed is characterized by a heavy boned, well muscled and slightly long body. The square and well defined head is proportional to the body. It is moderately wide between the eyes. The high set ears are thick, pointed and moderately wide at base. They are medium in size and carried erect.

The almond shaped eyes are also medium in size. Eye color ranges from light brown to dark brown, depending on the color of the hair coat. The thickly feathered tail that is usually carried low in repose tends to be slightly curved. Tail docking is not allowed.

Color: They are available in a variety of colors like black, white, sable, black saddle with red, tan, gold or cream and bi colors. Strong and rich colors are considered more desirable. The color may change from time to time in case of puppies.
Height: The average of King Shepherd breed dogs is 25 to 29 inches.
Weight: These dogs and bitches are generally 90 to 150 pounds in weight.

King Shepherd Dog Health Problems

These dogs are fairly healthy and not susceptible to most of the genetic health issues. However, as these dogs are large in size, they may be prone to Hip Dysplasia.
Life Expectancy: They usually live to about 10-11 years.
Litter Size: 4 to 8 puppies.

King Shepherd Dog Grooming Requirements

These dogs come in long haired and coarse haired varieties. The long haired variety is characterized by long and wavy hair whereas the coarse haired variety has short and straight hair. Both the varieties have extremely weather resistant double coat. These dogs require moderate amount of grooming.

Thus, King Shepherd grooming calls for regular brushing of the hair coat, at least two times in a week. The hair coat requires more care during the shedding seasons when it sheds moderately. Nonetheless, you need not bathe your beloved dog too frequently so as to retain the natural oils on skin.

King Shepherd Temperament

These dogs are highly intelligent, loyal, affectionate, obedient, adaptable, alert, courageous and protective. These dogs with well balanced temperament do not exhibit undue shyness or nervousness. They are bold and fearless but not are usually hostile.

These dogs are friendly with children and get along well with other household pets, especially when properly socialized. They are also likely to greet strangers in a friendly manner. These working dogs can be entrusted with watchdog duties. In addition, they are always eager to please their owners and make excellent companion dogs. These docile dogs are easy to train.

Pros and Cons

These active and agile dogs are considered suitable for houses that have access to large sized yards. Therefore, King Shepherd dogs are usually not recommended for apartment situation. They thoroughly enjoy vigorous outdoor activities. The idea of combining strenuous exercise with training of some will be more than welcomed.

These dogs also love to go for daily long brisk walks, jogs or runs. Lack of adequate exercise and mental stimulation can give rise to restlessness leading to destructive behaviors. King Shepherd puppies, however, should not be engaged in too much strenuous activity to avoid damage to their growing joints, bones and muscles.

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