Toy Fox Terrier dog breed, puppy info and characteristics

Toy Fox Terrier dog breed

Toy Fox Terrier dogs, also known as Amertoy or American Toy Terrier dogs are high spirited, small sized dogs that were originally developed for companionship. These loving and loyal dogs deserve equally dedicated and active skilled owners.

Toy Fox Terrier dog breed
Toy Fox Terrier dog breed


This toy terrier breed was developed in the United States. These dogs descended from Smooth Fox Terrier dogs. Certain other dog breeds such as Italian Greyhound, Manchester Terrier, Miniature Pinscher and Chihuahua breed dogs have also played an important role in achieving the miniature size of Toy Fox Terrier dog breed.

Physical Appearance

Appearance wise, these sturdy and agile dogs are quite muscular and athletic. The typical Toy Fox Terrier expression can be described as curious and alert. The body is short and well proportioned.

The bright and dark eyes are set well apart and round in shape. The inverted V shaped large ears are set high and close together. They are pointed and erect. The nose is generally black in color but can be self colored in case of chocolate colored Toy Fox Terriers. The high set tail is in proper proportion with the size of the dog.

Color: Common colors are white and black, white and tan, or tricolor with white, black and tan.
Height: The average height of Toy Fox Terrier dog breed is usually about 9 to 10 inches.
Weight: The ideal weight of both male as well as female Toy Fox Terriers ranges between 3.5 to 7 pounds.

Toy Fox Terrier Dog Health Problems

These dogs are generally quite healthy. However, they are likely to suffer from food allergies, especially from beet pulp, wheat and corn.

This toy breed is also susceptible to health issues such as Legg Calve Perthes, Stifle, Patella Luxation, Hypothyroidism, Bleeding disorders, skin problems and other dog diseases.

Life Expectancy: The average lifespan of these lively dogs is about 13 to 15 years.
Litter Size: The average litter size of this breed of dogs is usually 2 to 3 puppies.

Toy Fox Terrier Grooming Requirements

The smooth and satin like hair coat of a Toy Fox Terrier requires weekly grooming to perfectly maintain its beautiful shine. It is short in length and hence easy to maintain. It sheds minimally.

Bathe or dry shampoo your beloved dog only when necessary. In addition, brush the teeth, trim the nails, and check and clean your dog’s ears on a more or less regular basis.

Toy Fox Terrier Dog Temperament

The Temperament can be described as playful, tenacious, intelligent, sensitive, inquisitive, enthusiastic, outgoing, humorous, resilient, alert and responsive. They are way too brave and determined for their petite size.

They are fairly playful with small children. However, children should be taught to handle and treat these fragile little dogs carefully, otherwise these dogs can be yappy in response to mistreatment. The fun loving Toy Fox Terrier breed dogs also get along well with other pets in the house.

They are easily trainable and even considered as excellent companion dogs for handicapped people. In addition, early socialization helps to avoid various types of problem behaviors in these dogs. The alert and courageous Toy Fox Terrier dogs serve as good watchdogs too.

Dog Breed Pros and Cons

Apartment dwellers ready to provide adequate attention and stimulation can safely lay their hands on these lovely little dogs. They are suitable for both experienced as well as inexperienced first time dog owners.

Daily walks and regular play sessions help to fulfill the physical exercise needs of these active dogs. They are fairly active indoors and equally inquisitive to explore the outdoor environment.

In apartment situation, they tend to do well even without a yard. They are generally sensitive to extremely cold weather and preferably need to wear sweaters for protection. Take other special winter pet care measures as well to help your dog cope with the weather.

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