Valley Bulldog dog breed, puppy info and characteristics

Valley Bulldog dog breed

Valley Bulldog is a medium sized dog with a stern expression but playful, outgoing and stable personality. This breed of dogs is believed to have originated in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada and is therefore named Valley Bulldog.

Valley Bulldog dog breed
Valley Bulldog dog breed


Valley Bulldog breed has been developed from the cross breeding of English Bulldog and Boxer dogs. Therefore, the Boxer influence makes these rare working dogs strong and athletic whereas the English Bulldog makes them clumsy at times. They are best matched with active and dominant dog owners having the ability to curb unwanted behaviors in their dogs.

Physical Appearance

This designer breed is characterized by a sturdy and muscular build with height being more than that of English Bulldogs and less than that of Boxers. The head is large and broad. The muzzle is short to medium in length. The medium sized eyes that are set wide apart tend to be round in shape. These dogs tend to have either button ears or rose ears. They also have facial wrinkles and loose skin under the chin.

Color: The coat color is available in a variety of brindles, most common being white with brindle or fawn. There can also be a combination of white, black, brindle, tan, fawn or red.
Height: The average height is generally ranges between 12 to 25 inches.
Weight: Both male as well as female Valley Bulldogs usually weigh 50 to 85 pounds.

Valley Bulldog Breed Health Problems

Due to the presence of skin fold, these dogs are prone to skin irritation and infection. Allergic reactions are also not uncommon. They are also susceptible to breathing problems and tend to snore because of their short snouts. Besides, they also have a tendency become obese when their exercise sessions and diet are not balanced.

Life Expectancy: Average lifespan is usually about 10 to 12 years.
Litter Size: 6 to 8 puppies

Valley Bulldog Grooming Requirements

The soft, smooth and short hair coat of a Valley Bulldog does not require much effort for grooming. It simply needs to be brushed and combed from time to time. The average shedding hair coat requires more attention during the shedding seasons.

More often than not, these dogs remain naturally clean and need not be bathed too often. Nonetheless, Valley Bulldog grooming calls for regular cleaning of the skin folds present on the face, tummy, tail and genital area (in case of females). Make sure you dry these areas well after cleaning or else they can develop infections.

Valley Bulldog Dog Temperament

The temperament is intelligent, playful, friendly, loyal, loving and protective. These dogs may exhibit stubborn and independent behavior at times. Thus, it is essential to train and socialize them adequately right from the beginning with firmness and consistency. They tend to learn tricks quite easily. They can be strong willed but not aggressive.

These dogs love to be around kids and treat them well. They crave human attention and companionship. Plus, they are usually friendly with other pets in the house. Interestingly, at times these dogs suddenly come up with entertaining activities in-between their usual calm and quiet demeanor. These lovable companion dogs make excellent watchdogs as well.

Dog Breed Pros and Cons

These clown-like dogs enjoy chewing and love to flaunt their strong chewing skills by ripping their chew toys into innumerable pieces, thereby challenging you to find better and more durable toys next time!

As for their exercise needs, Valley Bulldog are extremely fond of daily brisk walks and interactive play sessions. In addition, opportunities for running free in open spaces are more than welcomed at all times. Attention to safety, however, is supposed to be your responsibility.

They do well in apartment situation and do not care about the amount of space they are provided with, as long as they know there is plenty of room for them in your heart. They tend to get charged up with energy and go for little rampage tours of the house from time to time. Make sure you do not leave your beloved Valley Bulldog outside in excessive heat or cold for a long time.

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